Unlike the common belief, there is not a mattress immune to acarus and bacterias. This ones can be the cause of health problems like: asthma, eczema and allergies. For this reason the right mattress sanitization and cleaning is necessary for our health. It can prevent skin and breathing problems!

The most of the time the mattress is not treated in the right way because it is to heavy or it is not very maneuverable.

For this reasons the mattress is not aerated and cleaned for a long time!

With te use of steam you will benefit from different advantages, such as the drying time required is reduced, compared to the drying time required by the traditional injection/extraction method. Moreover you won’t wet the treated surface, avoiding the risk of molds appearence caused by an excess of humidity in the mattress.

Ask for the test results made by ACCREDIA on our car interior sanitization protocol (upholstery, seats). It’s possible seeing the difference of the microbes quantity before and after our treatment. The same technique is usefull on mattresses.

Our mattresses cleaning method uses dry steam to clean and sanitize in depth the treated surfaces to get rid of the dirt responsible of allergies. Moreover this treatment allows you to get rid of different kinds of stains.


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