Sofas Reconditioning

How many of you would like to change their sofa because the fabric lost his brightness or his color or maybe because it is too difficult to unsheat?

Today forget all your problems because DettaglioAmbiente is here for you with its services at home and its last generation equipment that guarantees incredible results on all the kind of fabrics and leathers thanks to the power of steam and to its biodegradable products. Say goodbye to your old and dusty sofas and embrace a new idea of cleanliness and maintenance.


Say goodbye to your old sofas and welcome in your house a new concept of cleaning and manteinance.


A complete service to satisfy all the customers requests. We give a simple but efficient solution, which thanks to our experience, will solve all the problems that the customers will present. We guarantee an efficient service post selling with the continuous availability of spare parts, because for us the private customer is always our priority of satisfaction.


Professionists in the field

The professionists in this field know exactly which are the priorities of every day. We give them the right equipment to face the Problem-Solving in an easy and qualified way, using last generation equipment and specific formation courses. A technical service always available and a service post-selling worth of our name.



The solution studied to ease our supplying system and to be closer to our Professionists or final customers. We guarantee you efficient solutions and the availability of our products.